Now.. you are the star!

Play with us and becomes the star of our blog. 1960shoes gives you the opportunity to take a part in a colorful, fun and creative initiative. Show off your new ballet flats: have fun to shoot an original photo of your new 1960travel shoes and send it to us, explaining how was born your idea, when you have used the ballet flats and why you liked them so much. The most beautiful photo will have a special place in our blog section as the “Best Photo of the Week” with a small ad that will show the text that you have written. Unleash your imagination: take your camera and blast your extraordinary creative talents!

Look forward to your wonderful job.

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  1. - Rispondi

    26 Febbraio 2013 at 17:19

    i like this

  2. - Rispondi

    26 Febbraio 2013 at 17:20

    i like to introduce my friends i sent them my links

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