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And here’s our second picture of our travel shoes. The wonderful ballet flats for women 1960travel in the soft colors of powder, white and brown in a combination of chic and glamorous, all for you!

Remember, waiting for your sensational images. Don’t miss the chance to be the protagonists of our blog. Send us your best photo and we will post the best right here.

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  1. nandini.sritharan@yahoo.com - Rispondi

    26 Febbraio 2013 at 17:23

    hai my friends see this and read it

    • James - Rispondi

      25 Luglio 2014 at 08:45

      Here in the US there are still questions about our drug tisteng as reported in the Dec. 18th WSJ Diabetes Drugs to Face Tougher Risk Scrutiny with an emphasis on the ongoing debate regarding Avandia.The FDA is now setting a new criteria of two years rather than the three-to-six months for following patients along with the inclusion of older sicker patients.Also:”The FDA also recommends that any cardiovascular events in the clinical trials be analyzed by an independent committee of cardiologist who are unaware of which patients received the test drugs and which ones were on placebo or a comparison treatment.”We can see from this and other recent post pharma’s willingness to do anything to drive sales of questionable products.And if you do not believe pharma will do anything to drive profits look at the Dec. 17th WSJ article FTC Sues Ovation in Dispute on Drug Prices. Ovation bought it’s only competitor and then raised it’s drug price from $36 a vial to nearly $500 for the treatment of PDA in babies.”If not treated, the condition can prove fatal. Some 30,000 newborns a year in the US go on a drug for the condition.”How low can you go?Steve Lucas

  2. Somiddhi - Rispondi

    25 Luglio 2014 at 10:18

    Beautiful! I just spotted and fell in love with some oxfrdos in the same color, haven’t tried them on yet though, but I think I can someday find an excuse for another pair of shoes;)

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